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These are my artwork. I'm going to improve and do some damage as I go on with my life.

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These are some artwork that I like. It ish normal to have many favorites and totally like them. I like them a lot!


Side Project - Bonds Photoshoot
As part of muh "So-Called Personal Projects" I've finally drew this thing which I was supposed to draw and finish last month.

:iconkendrian:'s Game "Bonds" is really a nice game. To commemorate its success, here's a drawing of our main trio. Though Robin and Alicia are the ones tied up, yet I'm sure Celine is alright with it since someone was paying good money for both Robin and Alicia to be tied up together.

I'll definitely draw a tied up Celine later in the future(But still, Alicia is best girl... 2nd Celine.) And I hope you guys enjoy the game and pic
AT - Gold Gryphon in the Institute
My Art Trade with :icondoctor-awkward:

His OC Gold Gryphon got captured by some "Evil Science Institute" and decide to put her in the Mad House to keep her in check.

Definitely a "Side Project" of mine. Time to remove this annoying "Art Stump" and get on doing some artwork.
I hope you enjoy:iconnyoronplz:

Doctor-Awkward's Part of the Art Trade
A Semi-Sexy Lady Obsidian
Just in time for muh OC's Birthday. Alicia Belle AKA the lovely and sexy Lady Obsidian struts her stuff for her birthday with a new ensemble... More likely she'll use this one JUST for this occasion.

PS: I know its been quite a long time since I've posted something new... But this is better than nothing I supposed. Hopefully this will remove the Doldrums I'm experiencing.

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It was quite an interesting challenge for Alicia Belle to say the least. Well... It was already an interesting experience for the stage magician and escape artist known as Lady Obsidian from the start. After another routine stage performance, Alicia received an email about a private meeting by a fan of sorts. Well for Alicia, at first she would easily decline the invitation from this so-called fan. But upon reading the email a little bit closely she saw that it was sent by Ms. Nalen Abayo Kara.

Alicia has heard that name, more accurately she recognized the name since she has seen news clippings about her, an imperial general in her own right. And a strict "Overlord" of Alysa Prison, better known as "The Devil's Gullet." She was quite taken aback on the importance of the sender that she paid attention and read the email thoroughly. The message does say of a private meeting with Nalen which is easy enough for her to do. Alicia checked the date and saw that her meeting would coincide a day after her grand performance in Alysa City which is near Alysa Prison. Alicia replied that she would be happy to meet with Ms. Nalen.

"Its a bit tight..." Alicia strained a bit as she was ceremoniously being wrapped with a leather harness around her body. Alicia met with Nalen at the Imperial Hotel on the date Nalen requested. While having their afternoon tea Nalen answers Alicia's question on why the private meeting.

"Well you see Alicia, I would like to propose a dare for you." Nalen answers.

"I am listening..." Alicia wonders.

"Well you see, " Nalen started, "I would like to watch one of your magic show, free of charge." Nalen finishes her answer.

"Hmmm... So what is the catch?" Alicia question.

"The catch my dear Alicia is showing your Escape Artist skills inside Alysa Prison."

"You mean escape 'The Devil's Gullet'?!" Alicia shouts then covers her mouth in pure shock.

"Not exactly Lady Obsidian." Nalen told Alicia as she wasn't done. "My proposal is that I want you to test out your skills and escape the bindings we use on our prisoners. Of course if you manage to escape, you will be clearly rewarded."

Thinking this through, Alicia was feeling a bit scared that she'll be in prison. Though she knows that there's no danger there of mistaken identity when she "escapes." After a few minutes of thinking Alicia gave her answer.

"I would love to accept your dare Ms. Nalen" Alicia politely answers Nalen's dare. "Excellent!" As Nalen spoke those words, two guards who were guarding the room entered and brought in some bindings with them.

"Well my dear Alicia or should I say, Lady Obsidian. Your challenge begins." Nalen proudly announced as the two guards walked and began securing Lady Obsidian.

Alicia was given a few minutes to prepare, well she just removed her blazer and wore her mask before the guards began restraining the escape artist. First they restrained her with a leather harness around her making sure it was tight. Next they place Alicia's arms behind her and secured them with a boxtie armbinder which Alicia began to shake it a bit to see if there would be a bit of slack so she could escape. There was a small sliver for her to remove the armbinder, but she kept quiet about it. Then a hobble skirt for her legs just for show. Finishing off, a guard gave a panel gag for Lady Obsidian to complete her bondage.

"Hhhmmmm..." Alicia tried to talk, but only a whimpering girl was heard by Nalen and her two guards as she began stuggling to escape. Nalen the quickly grabbed Alicia's chin and gave a most devious glare to show which made Alicia stay still.

"That's right miss. We're not yet finished, we still need to get to the Alysa Prison." Nalen told Alicia as one of the guards left and came back with a large suitcase on-hand. Alicia already knows what that suitcase is for and hid her face from them.

"Don't worry Alicia, this way nobody would ever know about this little 'thing' we're doing." Nalen told Alicia and reassured her that no harm would befall on her.

"Hmmmm..." Alicia just made a small sigh and accepted her fate as the two guards placed the trussed up escape artist inside the suitcase. Before closing the suitcase for transportation, Nalen asked a few questions on Alicia.

"Lady Obsidian, do you have any supernatural and magical power thay you wish to tell me?"

Alicia nodded her head as a yes.

Seeing Alicia truthfully answered her question, Nalen then asked if she will use her powers to escape. But Alicia shook her head telling that she won't use her powers. Nalen felt confident that her guest was being truthful and needed not to worry about Alicia cheating.

"So Lady Obsidian, we are ready to head to Alysa Prison. The suitcase that you are currently place is a portable version of our Solitary Confinement box we use in our prison, though this is slightly roomier than the one in prison." Nalen continues her explanation. "I know you won't cheat but just to be sure, I activate the Magic seal so you won't be able to use any of your magic. So are you ready?" Nalen then asked.

"Hhhhmmm hhm..." Alicia whimpers as she nods her head and the suitcase is closed, trapping her in darkness. After a few seconds, she felt the suitcase being moved as she was being transported towards Alysa Prison. This is definitely an interesting challenge for Alicia, as the minutes tick by Alicia decided to try and escape her bindings before reaching the prison as a personal challenge to herself.


Lady Obsidian found the suitcase was indeed tight, being in a fetal position didn't help her chances of escape. But the knowledge of the boxtie armbinder having a small sliver of slack gave her a chance to remove them. The guard who placed the armbinder on her did an OK job on her, though the bindings should have been double-checked or did the guard overlooked this. Alicia didn't what to overthink about it and just did her thing.

After a few seconds of preparation, Lady Obsidian begins her attempt to remove the armbinder. To start things off, Alicia wiggles her shoulders in order to abuse that sliver of slack she noticed on her right shoulder. She wiggles a bit more and rubs her shoulder on the wall of her dark prison so that the belt part of her armbinder becomes a bit more loose. A few minutes in and the belt on the armbinder slides off to her righr arm.

With that done Lady Obsidian contorted her shoulders a bit in a way that her shoulders are closer to each other.

"Hhhmmmmpppp...." Alicia whimpered in shock as contorting her shoulders also made the shibari harness tightened, making her breasts jut out a little bit. She should have thought about that, but nonetheless she was able to remove her armbinder. Which leaves her the panel gag, shibari harness and hobble skirt. The belt restraining her arms behind her back would be next. In all her struggling, she didn't realized that they've arrived in Alysa Prison and they're getting the suitcase out of the vehicle.

Getting her hands out from the belt bondage behind her back was more of a challenge that the boxtie armbinder. It was tighter and unforgiving, she struggled a bit more but the belt wasn't giving any slack. Feeling sweat on her forehead gave her an idea, she felt her arms were also sweaty from all the struggling she did. She breathe deeply and began to pull her arm out of the belt. Breathing quite frantically, Alicia was able to contort her left hand painfully slide it out of the belt. Giving herself a few seconds of rest to gain her composure she was about to try and remove the hobble skirt when the suitcase was opened and Nalen saw her that she has escaped parts of her bondage.

"Well well Lady Obsidian," Nalen was a bit annoyed that Alicia was able to remove the bindings on her arms. Alicia was jumpy to see that they've reached Alysa Prison earlier than she expected. But there was an amused smile in Nalen's face. "Looks like your skills as an escape artist is not for show. Ladies, sit her up." Nalen answers and did a quick examination, it shows that Lady Obsidian did injure herself trying to escape. The two guards helped Lady Obsidian up and brought her to a couch and "fixed" her up.

Alicia was unrestrained and ungagged, all the while she examines as her blazer was given back to her and she sees a very opulent office. The couch was quite comfortable, the flooring made from dark mahogany planks. A table which seems to be an office table of sorts, a lighter colored wood than that of the floor planks. A large horizontal window which gazes out to Alysa City as lights of the city look fabulous as it snows. Sitting down and staying still, Alicia waits as Nalen sits down on her office chair and drinks were served.

"Now Alicia... I mean Lady Obsidian, discuss your experience with me." Nalen asks Alicia on how her first hand experience.

"I would love to..." Alicia answers Nalen's question as the two guards leave the two to discuss.

"I see, thank you for your findings Lady Obsidian." Nalen thanked Alicia as she discussed her "First-Hand" experience being treated as a prisoner. Alicia told Nalen that any convict would have an impossible chance of escaping the bindings she was placed into, and she also explained that one of the guards overlooked her armbinder and gave her a chance to escape her bindings. Giving her honest opinion, Nalen was slightly irked that one of her guards didn't restrained Lady Obsidian thoroughly. But was greatly pleased that Alicia gave a truthful answer about her experience.

"Well Lady Obsidian as your described and experience, would you say that 'The Devil's Gullet' is inescapable?" Nalen asks.

"Ms. Nalen I would humbly say that it is truly inescapable." Alicia humbly answers Nalen and her experience tell it all.

"Fabulous!" Nalen proudly announces, "Your skills are truly worth your caliber as an escape artist. Though you took your time in escaping your bindings, two hours in fact." Nalen continued.

"Really, I didn't notice madame. I would have thought reaching Alysa Prison would be quicker." Alicia was surprised to hear that she took two hours to escape her bindings. "I guess when you don't have a time limit, you'll lose all track of time while concentrating on your craft. If I was given a time limit as short as this one to escape, I'm sure I would have failed your challenge." Alicia humbly told Nalen.

Then she asks Lady Obsidian with a very devious grin on her face. "So Lady Obsidian, do you wish to truly experience what it feels like to be a prisoner of 'The Devil's Gullet'? I know your penchant for being tied up, so don't be shy about it."

Alicia's heart skipped a beat for a second about hearing her liking being tied up, and felt a beet blush building up her face. "I, uhh..." Alicia was quite a lost for words in figuring out how to answer her. But after a few seconds of thinking, she replied quite embarassingly: "I would love to..." After her answer, she hid her face from Nalen.

"Then, let's begin..." Nalen was happy that Lady Obsidian would like to extend her stay. "And this time my dear, I would be the one to secure you thouroughly." She then pressed a button, after a minute, two guards enter once more and this time brought in some "gear" for Nalen to utilize. Alicia recognizes both guards as the ones she saw back at the imperial hotel, she assumed that these two guards are her most trusted elite.


A straitjacket was first, Alicia easily noticed that the straitjacket was almost similar to her custom straitsuit as she wears it. Nalen then began her work in securing the escape artist known as Lady Obsidian. "Hold still my dear, let me do my work." Nalen told once Alicia wore the straitjacket and secured the straps on the straitjacket. After some minutes of rigging, Nalen's work was a sight to see. Alicia grunted and strained at the tightness of the straps on the straitjacket, her hands behind her back and secured. Like her custom straitsuit, the lower part of the straitjacket had straps in order to transform it into a hobble skirt. Alicia could only do is hobble or hop around in her new bondage.

Secured in her bondage, Nalen continued with a panel gag. "Hhhhmmmmppp!!!" Alicia whimpered as the panel gag was tightly fixed onto her giving no way of speaking except through incoherent whimpers. Satisfied with the results of Alicia's bondage, Nalen then grabbed a collar with leash and carefully wore it on Alicia's neck. Then a black hood was used and she expertly placed on Alicia. Now silent, blind and slightly deaf Alicia was now truly secured and utterly anonymous except for Nalen.

After a few seconds of feeling utterly helpless, Nalen grabbed Alicia's hooded chin and spoke softly on her left ear. "My dear Lady Obsidian, as part of our little... Agreement, I will be leading you towards your cell myself. The hood is to make sure no one knows about you and you won't see the prison's inner workings. Now let's go." And with that Nalen yanked the leash and pulled Alicia towards her, prompting the now trussed up escape artist to hobble as quickly as possible as she could or fall flat to the ground.

Alicia's so-called walk of shame went as any "Walk of Shame" would go. Alicia went hopping instead of shuffling and followed Nalen wherever she goes. At one point Alicia stood at a flat surface until the floor shifted a bit and a loud humming was heard around her. Unable to see, Nalen led Alicia to the elevator heading to the lower levels. After a few minutes the loud humming stop and Alicia felt a sharp tug on her collar which made her hop once more. While following Nalen, Alicia felt a grope on her breast and a few slaps here and there on her ass. "Hhhhhhmmmmppp!!!!" Alicia could only whimper pathetically as she is unable to do anything in her bondage, while catcalls were made on the hopping sack. Another stop and another loud humming, Nalen examined the sack and sees that Alicia's nipples were protruding a bit and that prompted Nalen to tease Alicia a bit while they were going down via the elevator.

"Oh my... Lady Obsidian, don't tell me you're getting aroused are you?" Nalen teased as she also went for a grope on Alicia's breast which made the escape artist squeal like a mouse. "Don't worry, I will make sure you will enjoy your stay here in 'The Devil's Gullet.'" After teasing Alicia once more, the elevator reache's its destination and back to the "Walk of Shame." A few more minutes of walking, Nalen stops and left Alicia on her own which she assumed that she 's where Nalen wanted her to be. A few seconds in, Nalen removed the hood over her head and Alicia gets a good glimpse to where she is now.

Alicia saw a pretty good-sized room with many boxes and such, she also sees that they're alone. After a few minutes of waiting, Nalen comes back and speaks to Alicia. "Well my dear Lady Obsidian, welcome to the Magical Ward's processing room. Here I shall process you and place you where you belong." Nalen was quite serious in her "thing," that Alicia whimpered a bit. She sees a box which is much smaller than the one she was stuffed in a while ago and doesn't need to know what is the box for. Nalen then grab a few pieces of belt and went on restraining the escape artist more until she was not in a balltie without any way of escaping. "I really don't think you can escape this, nor you want to." Nalen quipped as she lifts Alicia into the box, and seals her fate.

All Alicia could do was wiggle helplessly and look at Nalen. "Now Lady Obsisian, I shall let you enjoy your stay here. And if you try any funny business like trying to escape even before reaching the prison itself, then there would be CONSEQUENCES. Not that you can escape this one." Nalen gave a warning though she knows Alicia would follow here rather than risk damaging her career. "Hhhhmmm hhhpmm" Alicia with a nod and whimper agreed as Nalen's dominating smile was the last thing she saw before being enveloped in darkness.

Nalen then pressed a few buttons on the box and some sort of lift brought Alicia's box to the ceiling and was left dangling. With a devious smile as she left the processing room, Nalen didn't tell Alicia that her box is being flooded with aphrodisiac gas as "punishment" for trying to escape, even before reaching Alysa Prison.

Nalen sat at her office and opened the screen. On screen she sees the escape artist known as Lady Obsidian, aroused and enjoying her helplessness inside her box. With a smile on her face, she closes the screen of her PC and leaves her office. "I'm sure THREE Days is enough for her to truly experience what is like to be a prisoner here." Nalen giggled a bit as she head towards Lady Obsidian's box.
Experiencing the Devil's Gullet
So yeah, I've finally did something new for the new year. Though its more of a story than an art piece... But I am more than satisfied with the results of the story. Though if I had more time to work on it, I would have fixed all the things wrong here.

But here's my entry for Skelebomb's Contest Entry: Jailbreak! A Skelebomb Story Competition. The gist of the story a meeting between Lady Obsidian and Nalen Abayo Kara. Challenging the escape artist in escaping a small teaser/preview of the "Devil's Gullet". Then her, "Temporary" Stay.

I'm sure I made a whole lot of mistakes on the flow of the story and whatnot... But I am happy with the results and I have other things to work on.
I do hope you enjoy:iconnyoronplz:
Goodbye 2017... Hello 2018

Happy New Year to one and all


I'm going to destroy the world... Or something close to that!

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